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SENDER: Embrace


So, I would like to tell you a story, or what I like to call a “God wink” that happen for me. Last week’s blog post ended with a line about you being the Father’s Turkish Delight. The following day at my job, my boss came in to work on a video. After our work was over, I noticed this package on our coffee table which my boss brought. It’s was a Turkish Delight.

Now, I have never seen Turkish Delights before. When writing last week’s post, the phrase just came out in my writing. All I want to express is that sometimes things don’t make sense or seem necessary, and then, you get a moment like this with confirmation that says, I’m on the right track and to keep going. The Father wanted to show me that He is delighted in me by bringing me some Turkish Delight.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled program.

Our word for this week in our SENDER message is Embrace. In prayer last night, this came out of my mouth: “Let this month not be known for March Madness but more for March Gladness.”

“Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before His presence with singing.”

Psalms 100:2 NKJV

“He brought out His people with joy, His chosen ones with gladness.”

Psalms 105:43 NKJV

When I looked up the word embrace, this is what I found:

Embrace - an act of accepting or supporting something willingly.

One day someone came to clean my yard, and they told me they were going to do it for free. By cleaning my yard, this person was embracing me in his own way: helping me with the everyday tasks around the house that my husband usually handled. Once again, it let me know that I was not alone. This person was embracing my suffering as his own.

Being a sender means embracing others suffering as your own.

When I hugged the person, it made me incredibly emotional. A hug from the heart transfers compassion from the Father to you. Let’s not forget to not only embrace one another’s stories and pains but also embrace one another physically. We are human beings and need physical touch. Sometimes a simple hug can be enough to help someone get through another day.

A hug is a visual image of what it means to be a sender: two hearts drawing closer to one another and becoming one. When you have become one with one another, you know that you have won. Connection is key when walking through moments of grief.

We belong to one another. We belong to the Body of Christ. We belong to God.

Oneness brings a feeling of belonging. We belong today. I own a jacket that says, “No Longer Lost” on the back. I believe this statement because I have finally found where I belong, IN HIS PRESENCE. When you embrace someone or something, everything changes. So, let’s embrace one another this week in a deeper way.

And remember you can always bring your cheer and smile from ear to ear.

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1 Kommentar

First, I enjoyed your God wink story. I think such occurrences (as among the many manifestations of God's Presence) happen more often than we realize, except that our preoccupations with the world normally prevent us from noticing them. God speaks to us in so many languages... Also, I think the dress you're wearing is beautiful.

And your God wink story segues neatly to your comments about "embrace," for just as we can choose to turn away from worldly distractions to embrace a God wink, so we can choose to embrace, even if only momentarily, God's Love as manifest in our relationship with another human being.

As you say, "Connection is key," as when we connect with each other in thi…

Gefällt mir
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