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Reaching In - Part 4

I hope you have been enjoying this different style of writing by taking these four components and expounding on them each week.


This week is about purpose. A deep intrinsic need of our humanity is to find our purpose. I have found that our purpose is closely tied to our identity, for what we do usually identifies who we are. One of the first questions people ask is “what do you do” instead “who are you”.


After my husband Ben passed, people would ask me, “how are you?” I felt so good that it was confusing to them, for I experienced such a deposit of joy and energy by the Father in those beginning days that it made them wonder if I was grieving at all.


The answer is yes and no. I was grieving every day. I had to press on without him and his help. This made me assess everything around me and make changes quickly to make my home life easier and more manageable. For example, I wanted my home and car to be maintenance free for five years to allow me to adjust without all the extra stress. Grief has a strong energy component to it, and it demands a response. Some people sit in the grief and let it dictate their day. As for me, I used it as fuel and accomplished a lot of projects in a six month period of time.


This series has been all about reaching in, and during this time of my life, I had to reach in to find my purpose. It is something I have been asking the Lord about ever since. I was first compelled to walk and write. I realized that was a part of my new assignment, to capture moments of truth in the midst of everyday living as proof.


The revelation that presence trumps person came to me leading up to Ben’s celebration service, and I have been living under that revelation to this day. As long as I have His presence, it doesn’t matter the persons that are with me, for I have been living under the Lordship of the Father. He is my beloved Friend, and saying that makes me grin. I reached in and grabbed a hold of Jesus’ helm and said, I’m not going unless You go with me. I fought to find the Prince of Peace. Peace is a Person, and that Person has been walking with me ever since. I pushed through life’s circumstances and reached for His hand to start walking with me until I find my way home in eternity with Him.


This Widow Walk community I’m hoping to gather is all about holding on to Him and each other until we find our new starts with our new finishes. For, once we are face to face with death, it takes Jesus’ hand to turn our minds, hearts and bodies away from the pain and back into perfect loving alignment with Him. I accepted the challenge, and I hope you will too. Let’s begin.


There is a new song out called the Prince of Peace that I want to link here today. I hope you enjoy it.


Prince of Peace – Josh Baldwin

Until next time,

Keep Believing

Keep Braving

Keep Beaming

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