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Reaching In - Part 3

Welcome back to part three of Reaching In.


I ended last week mentioning an orphan spirit and poverty mentality, but as I started doing some research, I only want to focus on the orphan versus son-ship spirit here today. I went to Google to get some descriptions of these two lenses of seeing life through an orphan versus a daughter/son.

Download PDF • 68KB


This sheet explains so much. You can go down the list and see if you struggle in any of these areas. Then once you have identified where you stand, the more you can start to unpack this mindset. This contrast helps to see the exchange of what you gain from a place of son-ship, and hopefully it will encourage you to really start doing the heart work.


This shift in my mindset from orphan to daughter changed everything for me. I am very passionate about this topic, for as the Scripture says, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,” and this heart posture will change the way you say and see everything. The Scripture also talks about being blind to the Father’s ways. Once I was awakened to this revelation in my heart, I started seeing so many things differently too. I was a striver, provider, independent thinker, hard to correct, and fearful if I didn’t perform that love would be taken away and more. But I am here to tell you, just because these things happen doesn't mean we have to live the rest of our days under this lens and law.


Under theology, there are two sides. One is living by the love of law or living by the law of love. There is a book by Danny Silk called Keep Your Love On! It helped me understand being understood or being right was not the end goal, but instead to keep or restore connection by keeping my love on. I will link the book at the end of the blog today.


Mindset is so huge in becoming a person who reaches in, for without the Spirit renewing our minds, we will never be fully aligned with the Divine. I am learning that co-creating with Him is much more fun. He wants to work with me. He has been waiting patiently for me to be awakened to this revelation, for He desires to play and create with me. It’s changed my heart, and my love and trust in Jesus has grown leaps and bounds. Now I check in often to see what He has to say about things. As I have mentioned, it takes a pen in my hand and a notebook to get this kind of guidance. It’s been the most rewarding season of my life, and scary, and frustrating, and all the things. But I would not change a thing, for I understand I’m a daughter of the King and He loves me no matter how I perform or what I produce.


My motive of service was finally motivated by a deep gratitude for being unconditionally loved and accepted by God instead of a need for personal achievement, or seeking to impress God and others, or no motivation at all. I am now living in the daughter-ship season of my life. This is me becoming fully alive. This is me realigning with the Divine. This is me believing He loves me. And so, I’m no longer looking for acceptance and approval from others, for I have been found by the Father. It’s brought more joy to my being and more inner healing than I can even express here today. I finally feel like I’m more than enough instead of thinking I’m too much and need to become less because I’ll probably hurt someone with my words or actions or lack thereof. I hope you get the drift.


Tune in next week as I speak more about reaching in and our purpose as sons and daughters of the King.


Keep Your Love On! by Danny Silk


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Until next time,

Keep Believing

Keep Braving

Keep Beaming

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