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Widow Warriors - A Yearly Review with Holly

Happy Monday!

It’s LOVE MONTH and last February we featured four widows on our blog. So, I asked them if they would do a year review and they have all agreed. Another year’s worth of widowing has some wisdom attached to it.

We are starting with Holly Ledbetter. She lost her husband last year on February 3th. She posted a sentiment on her Facebook page and I asked her could I use it here. She agreed thankfully.

What is it like to do a year of widowing with your bestie? It’s been full of adventure. One thing about Holly and I, we like to play outdoors and explore. So, we headed as far as Florida to the beach and then finished the summer up with an adventure park zip lining experience. We have lived life to the fullest. She had many other adventures with her family and plans on going more places this year as well. She is walking through each day with hope and a smile on her face, for she feels the Father’s presence carrying her every step of the way. I’m proud to call her friend. It’s been a pleasure even in the midst of this sadness to gladness surreal reality we call OUR life. With that said, enjoy Holly’s reflection. It may bring a tear, for it did for me. But, I have learned tenderness is close to the Father’s heart and there is no better place I want to be.

The girls love doing videos… Like their mama… So here you have it! We are standing on the promises of God’s word. The same word that my grandmother, Kathleen, poured into my mother, Veronica, who poured into me, and I am pouring in my beauties! He is faithful. He is peace; Jehovah Shalom. He is a good good Father.

Our year has been one we never saw coming, but nothing takes God by surprise. As I sat in the ICU waiting room the day Derrick passed, just taking a minute to breathe, a man walked by and backed up. He was suited head to toe in his hospital gear. He asked if I was Mrs. Ledbetter and I said yes. He said I just want you to know that I have prayed with your husband every day since he came to the hospital. We talked about God every day he told me he loved Jesus and knew where he was going if it was his time. He said my name is Ben 😇. God is in the small details.

God has walked with us. He has held us close. He blessed us with the best family and friends. I honestly don’t have the words to describe how well we’ve been loved by people this past year. People that do not even know me or my family. It’s broken me, humbled me, and made me a more grateful person. We often talk about how Daddy (Derrick) has had the best year of his life in the arms of his Father and we have a hope of eternity together. Our family, Deborah included, have made wonderful new memories this year. We’ve laughed and cried. We treasure all of our memories with Derrick, but have no doubt he would want us to keep celebrating and living a joyful life… Exactly as we’re doing!

Our community has had quite a bit of loss over the last year. Many others have become young widows like myself. If you know some of the these women… reach out. A simple text to say you’re praying, a gift, keeping the kids… whatever God lays on your heart. Do it for the older widows/widowers who may feel alone. Do it for the single mom or dad hanging on by a thread. Do it for the grieving parent who should never know the pain of losing a child. Do it for your neighbor. And, if you haven’t given your heart to Jesus, do it for YOU! He will change your life!

The Ledbetter girls love you!! If you have a funny story or memory of Derrick, please share it on here or in a message. I would love to hang onto those for the girls!

Isn’t she an amazing writer?!!! 🥰

I had to add some pictures to this post of some of their living life fully moments.

I hope this encourages you to reach out to those who come to your heart. A simple text or a hug around a neck matters so much.

Until next time,

Stay Tender

Connect to the Mender

Be a Sender

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