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Widow Walk: My Dream for 2023

Happy week 3 of 2023!

I am going to share a little bit of my dreams for 2023. For the past five years, I have been processing how I can better serve the widows in my community. I didn’t want to just start a widows group, like a social or book study. I needed it to have more movement. This is not to knock those groups that are so needed, but it didn’t fit my vision, so I waited to start something. Over the past few months, I have felt more and more that the need to help our fellow widow and widower is ever increasing. I have a dream of starting a non-profit right here and right now that serves you. I’m working with a designer to develop an app where we can register our needs and find volunteers to meet those needs. This will be a community resource, so it’s open to all of Franklin and Southampton County.

I have seen and experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed with grief, bringing on what they call “decision fatigue”, for so many decisions have to be made right away. I feel called to help and hopefully ease that part of the widow’s transition with helpful links that can guide you and them through that part of the journey. I am calling on other widows and widowers to write a how-to guide to help you TAKE CARE of your legacy with peace of mind that someone will be along of like mind. I am asking the Lord for His divine language and wisdom to write the vision that I believe He has given me to steward and grow. The vision is being written as I speak.

There are three phases to the widow's walk. We will be giving intentional care too.

The overall theme will include the 3 P’s:

1. Preventative Care

Getting prepared with Grief Education as we advise by shining a light on areas you need to get in order before they become out of order.

2. Present Care

Fellow widow walkers are here to journey WITH the widow or widower in the storm called grief by serving you in any area of need, even while you are serving your spouse who is terminally Ill or after the loss of a loved one. We have found that emotional or practical care is an immediate need as well as counsel. For, as soon as a terminal diagnosis has been given, assistance is needed even after a life has been released into heaven.

3. Purpose Care

The legacy part is the final phase where the widow or widower that received help from our community now gives back to another in need.

This foundation will have a holistic approach. It will be a future, present, and past experience, meaning we want to speak into your future so you can better prepare for your present. So, when that present day becomes a reality, we the widow warriors will be a part of your support and healing by walking WITH you through the storm. From there, your resurrection story really begins. Where that will end is up to you and the Father to co-write as you begin again. For, it’s never the end until that faithful day of finally holding the Father’s heavenly hand.

One of our taglines will be, “Widows Trusting Widows.”

I am so excited to see the peace, education, and needs served by this resource here in this community. I hope you can pray with me as this vision becomes a reality and has a visible presence here that carries an eternal light.

Until next time,

Stay Tender

Be a Sender

Connect to the Mender

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1 Comment

What a worthy, in-spired vision this is, filled with compassion. Let it spread like a fire, with each of us realizing that we can choose to be part of the flames, warming one another and shedding light everywhere.

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