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Walking Out of the Cave

Happy Monday!

I have been reading through the book of Genesis in The Passion Translation and something struck me. I want to take you through this passage today. 

Abraham was an intercessor. Genesis 18:22-25 says,

“So, Abraham came forward to present his case before Yahweh, and said, ‘Are you really going to sweep away the righteous while you judge the wicked? Isn’t your mercy great enough to forgive? Why judge the entire city at the cost of the fifty righteous who live there? That’s not who you are - one who would slay the righteous with the wicked - treating them both the same way! Wouldn’t the Merciful Judge of all the earth always do what is right?’”

The footnotes from this passage says Abraham appeals to Yahweh not only to spare the righteous, but for his merciful heart to be expressed. Yahweh’s character, not the character of the people or Sodom, is what is on the line. This moved God’s heart. Abraham did not change the mind of God; He demonstrated what was already on his heart. 

Genesis 19:29-30:

“So, before God destroyed the cities of the plain where Lot has settled, he remembered his affection for Abraham and spares Lot from all the destruction. Afraid to remain in Zoar, Lot left there and settled in the hill country and lived in a cave with his two daughters.” 

Footnotes from this chapter opens with Lot sitting at the gate of Sodom, seated in a place of authority, and ends with him drunk on a cave—from councilman to caveman! Lot could have returned to his uncle, Abraham, but instead he fled to a cave. 

The Cave: Here Lot is doing his own thing and his uncle is given the inside scoop that destruction is ahead. So, Abraham uses his voice and stands between the living and the dead. Lot had no idea. Lots family was spared because of Abraham’s request and the Lord’s affection towards Abraham. And even then, Lot chose a cave to become his safe haven. 

My thought: Don’t cave because you were made to be brave!! 

Footnotes from chapter 13 says Lot went from a councilman to a caveman, and yet, he had other options. The meaning of Lot is covert, secret, or concealed. Everything about Lot was hidden away in his heart. Compromise was a way of life for him. The secret tug of the world drew him away from the place of blessing. He has never really left Ur; he was still an idolater at heart. When he chose the rich plains, he was looking for the closest thing that resembled Egypt. He chose what would please him without considering the consequence. Lots possessions were eventually burned in the fires of judgment, and he ended up living in a cave.

When you walk out of a cave, your eyes will rattle and shake you for a minute. But, once you acclimate, you can see all there is beyond the horizon and into your heart. 

Another footnote from The Passion explains it like this: When Abram offered the choice to Lot, he should have said, “Uncle, I choose you. God is with you. My choice is your choice.” Every young person likes to be separated from the older generation. Lot missed the will of God by separating from the called one, Abram. There is protection, covering, and anointing when we walk with those who walk with God. Our flesh would rather “do it our own way” but Gods way is to walk in fellowship with called ones.

Wow, wow, wow! There is protection, covering, and anointing when we walk with those who walk with God. We don’t cave because we were made to be brave!! 

Being brave is seeing the anointing on other’s lives and saying, “God, help me follow the ways of the called ones. Show me, guide me, and hide me under the shadow of your wings.”

We don’t need a cave to feel safe. It’s His presence that covers us. It’s His presence that intercedes for us. It’s His presence that protects us. 

Who do you want to be, Abraham or Lot? 

Abraham believed and was called a friend of GOD for his faith. So, my prayer is that your faith will arise above these tides and abide in the vine from on high. 

Thank you for reading, and as always, remember you can always bring your cheer and smile from ear to ear. 

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