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This Widow Thanks God and Carries On

It was a rough start to this widow’s 2022. I lost my father and name’s sake, Robert Learoy Payne. 29 days later on Easter morning, I had to say good-bye to my Stepfather, Michael Joseph Kurowski.

In April, I traveled back to Wisconsin to take care of my Father’s Estate and a wonderful thing happened; I was reunited with family, from my dad’s side and my mother’s side. I was able to share a meal with both of my brothers, James and Sandy. That was so special for me. My beautiful cousin Marcia accompanied me on the trip back to Virginia in my dad’s sporty Chevy Cavalier! It was such a blast, and it felt so good to be re-connected to family love!

I returned to Wisconsin in October (look at me traveling) for my young cousin’s wedding. This trip back was filled with more reunions and new friendships. It just felt so good to be in the presence of family and their love! Now, my Auntie Deb calls me just to say, I love you. So special for me.

This widow puts all her trust in God. When I am in doubt, I bring it to God. When I am feeling lonely, I bring it to God. I don’t walk this journey under my own power, but under His power. God’s strength knows no boundaries!

I thank God for the opportunity to bridge the gap for others in their time of grief and confusion. I thank God that I can chose Joy and compassion everyday over the noise and din of this world.

So, in short, this widow carries on and thanks God for all things. I’m thankful for the big stuff and all the little details for my life. I carry on for my precious daughter, Rose. I carry on spreading the good news of Jesus and in the hope to lead others to the eternal light of Jesus Christ. I carry on for all those who I love and for those I will love one day. I carry on for my brothers and sisters in Christ. I carry on and chose Joy because that is what Poppa God has called me to do!

Love always and forever, Bobbi Lea and Rose Lynn

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

-Philippians 4:13 NLT

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