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The Box Within

I was driving today and I got this image which made me write.

Imagine you are standing inside a clear glass box. This clear box represents the invisible realm and the empty shell of a box we are living in. It may seem safe, but it’s killing something inside of you that says this box is the best. To desire to see the rest, you have to find the lie within that is keeping you inside this box—the box of your life. Maybe ask yourself this question: How does living in this realm serve me well?

What would my life look like living outside the box?

How many decisions will it take to break the box?

What pressure will it take? A light force or a heavy one?

Do I have what it takes to crack the mold?

The longer you stay in this invisible box, the more the world is able to label you. These labels do not serve you, but oh, they feel so true. How do we discern the truth from the lies within? How do you remove the invisible labels? By handing them to the Father who is more than able to exchange your labels. One by one, you exchange your labels. One by one,you start to feel a strength growing within to trust the Truth Giver and not the labels. They may still be all around. You may be surrounded by them in your invisible box. But, things are not always as they are seen.

A lyric from Upper Room’s song Surrounded says, “It may look like I’m surround, but I’m surround by you. This is how I fight my battles.” It takes intentionality to crack the invisible realm, and over time, you will start to see the truth in the visible realm, which I believe is the fruit of your victories. It might only feel like a breakthrough in the invisible for you,but none the less, it’s a breakthrough through and through. You are breaking through the invisible you to find your inner truth, to find the truest you.

My encouragement to you today is to seek the Father about what invisible labels are blocking your view into your destiny that is called the truth. It’s the one space outside the box where you are able to walk with the Father with no walls, and where you are standing tall, for you know you are His and that is really what you miss. We look for the garden of intimacy and the place of true bliss. Eden was a place of bliss and there is something inside of us longing for this level of connection.

I’m not sure who needed to read this today. This doesn’t feel like my typical writing, but while driving, the messagedropped on me. So, I wanted to write it and send it to you before I lost it. I hope you enjoy.

Until next time, stay humble, stay open, stay hungry, and then just stay. The Father is waiting and He is so worth our time and our waiting at His table. He’s a good waiter. Wait here daughter or son, “Have I got a feast for you!”

Surrounded (Fight My Battles) - UPPERROOM

Known/Surrounded (Fight My Battles) – Circa 93

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1 Comment

Your questions at the beginning are thoughtful, good, and important. But everything depends on who is asking them. The "false self" or egoic self is insecure and fearful and so feels safe only inside the box (even though there is suffering there) because it's easy to understand --- all it needs is the human brain. Whereas, to "think outside the box," we must trust and explore an otherly truth that is outside of our-selves --- And it is only our "true self," our mind, heart, soul, or nous that is capable of and yearns to make such an exploration of a realm profoundly Good but which our brain alone cannot understand. Perhaps we could call this a "leap of faith…

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