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Set Free in 2023

Happy New Year!!!

A widow friend of mine gave me this line,

“Set Free in 2023!!”

I like the sound of that. 🙂

I thought I would start the year off a little differently with a reflection of all that last year brought forth out of my heart to yours. So, here is my 2022 Yearly Quotables.

Let’s begin….

Jan 3 - This Year is the Year of MORE heART.

Jan 10 - “The pain can never remain when love finds you all along the way.”

-Love Covers All-

Jan 17 - “When you activate your faith, it not only changes YOU, but the families around you, which leads to their futures being changes.”

-On the Road to a Cure-

Jan 24 - “She reached out and that supernaturally activated her faith.”

-I’ve Been Touched by the Father-

Jan 31 - “We reach toward the goal. We allow the Father to reach into our hearts and renew all our wounded parts.”

-I Won’t Stop Reaching Higher-

Feb - Widow Warriors Yearly Reviews

Feb 14 - “Beyond pain, A Love Poem”

Feb 28 - “To see better in the valley that we walk.”

March 7 - “The more you understand your identity as a child of God, the more empowered, awakened, lifted and energized you feel.”

-The Circumcision of the Heart-

March 14 - “When you find your safe place, an encounter with the Father is not far away.”

-The Spirit in the Room Energized My Womb-

March 21 - “You are worth the wait.”

-Mating in the Waiting-

March 28 - “Heavenly places are joyish spaces.”

-Catching the Wind of His Spirit-

April 4 - “Fathers, keep weighing in with your daughter, for what you pour in matters!”

-The Daughter of Jephthah-

April 11 - “God is the one in the planning business, his surprises are right on time.”

-But You Shall-

April 18 - “We have to conquer things in lives to enjoy a season of rest.”

-Deborah and Barak-

April 25 - “Persistence breaks down resistance.”

-Delilah and Samson -

May 2 - “She is not ashamed of the gospel, for she walks with revelation light inside of her and lives all of her days responding to that revelation.”

-Ode to Woman: The Radiant Bride-

May 9 - “The posture of a virtues woman is something to be admired.”

-Ode to Woman: Part 2-

May 16 - “Heart connection trumps physical connection.”

-Abigail: The Wife of Initiative-

May 23 - “Awareness to our weaknesses is key to our understanding.”

-Michal: The Passive Aggressive Wife-

May 30 - “Then David comforted his wife….So she bore a son and he called his name Solomon. Now the Lord loves him.”

-Bathsheba: The Comforted Wife-

June 6 - “Women and men of faith, shine bright with his grace and might.”

-New Things, I Declare!-

June 13 - “It’s time to step into our new garment.”

-From Grave Clothes to Praise Clothes-

June 20 - “Rehearsing the past will not reverse the past, and it also will not take us into our new life God has waiting for us.”

-New Life-

June 27 - “God is calling his daughters and sons to rise and shine, for the light has come.”

-It’s Birthing Season-

July 4 - “Our Creator doesn’t leave scars, he exchanges them with truths from his heart.”

-Written in Our Hearts-

July 11 - “God sees us wherever we are in proximity and heart location connectivity.”

-He Just Never Stops!-

July 18 - “Jesus yeilded his heart so we could one day yeild ours.”

-It’s Time to Prophecy Again!-

July 25 - “When we feel a dip, we have to find our resources to give us back our lift.”

-I Will Multiply!-

Aug 1 - “He washes away the stains by His blood, and when you believe it, and fully receive it, a release comes.”

-I Am Clean!-

Aug 8 - “The words spoken over you, do not have more Power than our Father God does!!”

-It’s Time to rebuild!-

Aug 15 - “I’m Jesus’ perfect purpose and serving Jesus is my perfect purpose.”

-Perfect Purpose-

Aug 22 - “When we rest, Jesus revives our soul, elevates our mind, soothes our senses and tethers our heart.”

-Noah: The Story of Rest-

Aug 29 - “If we don’t believe He is holding our hand, we will break under the pressure that keeps pulling our hand in another direction.”


Sept 5 - “As for these four young men, God gave them knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom; and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.”

-Daniel: A Prophet Known for His Purity and Holiness-

Sept 12 - “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and might are his.”

-Daniel: The Dream Interpreter-

Sept 19 - “Hopelessness, when yielded to faith, can become hopeful in a moment.”

-The Fiery Furnace-

Sept 27 - “When we become the center of our lives, we start to forget the One who holds the sustainability of our lives.”

-Prideful Kings-

Oct 3 - “We serve a God who rescues us.”

-Daniel: A Man of No Fault-

Oct 10 - “So he told me and made known to me the interpretation of these things.”

-Dreams and Visions Are for You and Me-

Oct 17 - “One prayer activates many things.”

-Daniel’s Prayer-

Oct 24 - “He is the God who gives not only gives peace, but strength.”

-Your Words Were Heard; And I Have Come Because of Your Words!-

Nov 1 - “It was good with you, and it’s been good without you.”

-I Wonder Where You’ve Ben, “Happy Birthday”-

Nov 7 - “What we put inside our bodies has a lot to do with the output produced by our body.”

-Take Care-

Nov 14 - “What we meditate on matters.”

-Sound Mind and Clarity-

Nov 21 - “Despite the trails we’ve faced, their is an inner strength to face the pain with a new found grace.”

-An Awakened Heart-

Nov 28 - “Jesus addresses all of our wounds with compassion and love.”

-A Realigned Soul-

Dec 5 - “Hope is a strong unbreakable force holding our souls to God himself.”

-Advent: Hope-

Dec 12 - “When you ask Jesus into your heart, you have invited in the Prince of Peace.”

-Advent: Peace-

Dec 19 - “Joy is so deep inside of us that even our womb can experience it too.”

-Advent: Joy-

Dec 26 - “Love is not just a feeling, it’s a person and his name is Jesus.”

-Advent: Love-

I hope these quotables moved your heart as they did mine. Truth has a way of taking root when you posture your heart to receive from a place of purity and love.

I have some things marinating inside my heart. So, stay tuned for more faithing coming your way in this 2023 new kind of day!

Until next time,

Stay Tender

Connect to the Mender

Be a Sender

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