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Secret Warriors: Brooke

Meet Brooke.

We go way back. She is a mother, a daughter of the King, sister, cousin, teacher, and wife. So many other names could be given, but for me, she is my friend. Look at this smile!! She is the oldest of four siblings. She lost her mother before turning 20. It impacted our whole church when she passed away. Brooke showed a strength even then in resting in the Lord’s presence. She has been ministering to your children in the public school system for over 15 years as the most amazing teacher. She prays for your children. She inspires them to believe in themselves. She is their mother while their mothers are away at work. She keeps them safe. This gives a peace to know they are taken care of.

After almost a year of virtual teaching, she is back in the school finally and adjusting to all the changes that come in this season of pandemic. Her impact is generational. The lessons she learned growing up are being imparted as she grows her gift of sharing and inspiring others to learn.

She and her husband are also our Kids Rock coordinators at Rock Church. This family is a family that serves the children. Both her and her spouse work with kids inside and outside the walls of the church. They also help assist me with our life group. She is a hearer. What does that mean? She easily gets God thoughts. How does that happen? From walking with Jesus since childhood. Her wisdom inspires us every time we hear them. Brooke has many life lessons she has learned from her obedience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit that she has activated.

This is a little picture of the good old days, as we would say. The girls above have all gone through personal losses that has impacted us deeply. But, we have all kept the faith. When the crisis hit us personally, we didn’t run away from God. We ran toward God. The roots of our faith have stood the test of time. I’m thankful!! It’s a blessing. I didn’t know the losses we would experience collectively, but it makes me feel tender again to know the stories these ladies carry, and yet, you see smiles then and you still see smiles now.

Brooke, I honor you today. It’s your birthday, and man, my life would be very different without you in it. Life matters. Your life deeply matters to this community. Folks, if you have a story about how Mrs. Brooke has impacted you, please post it below. Share this post. She is beautiful inside and out and it’s time for her community to shout about it!!

I can’t not post some pictures of her beautiful family, so I will end it with these below.

This is my gift to you!!

I love you sooo, sooo, soo much.

Thank you for being you. ❤️

This new song came out and it was playing while I was writing. So, I will share it here too.

Hey Jesus (Elyssa Smith feat. Steffany Gretzinger)

Until next time,

Stay tender.

Connect to the Mender.

Be a sender.

P.S. My first single drops Friday! Search Daughter of the King by Micah D to play and download it. It’s going to be a Good Friday y’all!!

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Two things you have written here call out to me with great power:

First, as a classroom teacher, "She inspires them to believe in themselves." This was a hallmark of my wife, and there are few things more important than this for a teacher to be able to accomplish with her/his students. It is God's "en-couragement" poured out by the teacher as a blessing for our children.

Second, "When the crisis hit us personally, we didn’t run away from God. We ran toward God." How this rings resonant with me, as the moment of Linda's passing was in fact a moment of intense closeness with God, in which I felt great Peace and Comfort --- All I could do w…


This tribute is well deserved. She always works hard. She shows up where she is needed.


She pulls loose teeth, ties shoes, teaches, cares, and so much more. But one thing she never does is give up on her students.

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