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Perfect Purpose

Happy Monday!

For the past three weeks, I have been preparing my heart to speak.

As I was reading commentaries and the Bible to prepare for a ladies luncheon and a time of sharing Sunday morning, I was inspired by this thought of our perfect purpose being found in serving Jesus.

I’m Jesus’ Perfect Purpose, and serving Jesus is my Perfect Purpose.

Many times, we can feel like our purpose is blurred or weak in today’s culture. But is it?

I say NO!

Let me share a story that I heard and I hope it inspires you as it has done me.

One day, a friend of mine was driving in the swamps of Louisiana. All of a sudden, he found himself lost, and this was when MapQuest was big and you had to print it out. He did not have a GPS in his car at that time and was totally lost.

He pulled off the road, down under an underpass, and saw a man fishing in the swamps. Pulling up, he said hello to the gentlemen and asked how the fishing was. You see, this friend needed directions and direction.

The gentleman said, “Not to good, but that is not why I’m here.” “Oh,” he said, thinking what is about to go down. The gentleman said, “I come here to pray.” Wow, that is amazing, my friend thought. 😄 The fisherman said, “I sit here and stand here all day, most days, and just pray for each car that crosses over the bridge.”

My friend was fascinated at his discipline to encounter God through the power of prayer for those he may never know on this earth. He had never really seen or heard of these types of prayers. Praying for things not seen or heard, and not knowing the actual need or person, was new to him. It impacted him greatly to this day. Praying without ceasing—and especially for those you may not know, but see in a store or feel the presence to pray for—brought on a new challenge in his daily walk with the Father.

You see, the fisherman did not appear to have many earthly possessions. He had ridden a bike to the fishing spot, was unknown to most, and could not be seen by those passing by. My friend just so happened to stumble onto him, or as I see it, the Lord was directing the car off course to realign his purpose.

This man was giving his all every day to serve God with the time he had left, as he was an older gentleman, maybe in his late 70’s. What a story!! He was fulfilling his daily purpose—to pray for those he never encountered that were crossing over a bridge—but yet, his purpose was to have an encounter with the living and ever loving Jesus all at the same time.

He was engaging in the power of prayer to go beyond what the eyes could see. This was a man, sitting under a bridge in a swamp in an unknown town, found by unknown man who witnessed him praying to the known God that covers all the details. And, you can be for sure he was not unknown to the Father above! This was a man of great faith and great love.

I wonder if his prayer sounded a little like this, “Jesus, I’m here again. Use me today. Speak to me and allow me to know what those riding above need. Heal those in need and let me fulfill my purpose today for you.”

We must all remember (yes that includes you) …………

I’m Jesus’ Perfect Purpose, and serving Jesus is my Perfect Purpose.

It’s our purpose as followers of Jesus to experience daily encounter moments. There is power in prayer as you plead for Jesus to answer and hear your why’s and cries for others and yourself. It is something that can only be explained on the other side of heaven.

To my friend, this man who he saw in his mind’s eye may be the most celebrated saint of all. Down here, he has no fanfare, no celebration, or no celebrity, but in heaven, he will reap great rewards. And my friend cannot wait to see him again. He appeared with less, but the man was so much More, and he is wealthy in spirit and peace that goes beyond all understanding.

I want you to remember this, no matter the matter, YOU matter. Jesus knows your plight and He will make it alright. So, capture your purpose each day, and watch hearts change and movement happen because you are a prayer warrior with purpose. You have the most treasured asset of all TIME.

I’m Jesus Perfect Purpose, and serving Jesus is my Perfect Purpose.

Get a dry erase marker and write this on your mirrors in your home as a reminder that your purpose is unending.

This story also reminds me of a song my daughter wrote called Perfect Person. I will post it here and I pray Jesus will wipe away any marks that are no longer serving you at this time and season of your life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

As my friend shared this with me, it reminded me to be more aware and see every encounter as a God story. May we all be sensitive to the Holy Spirit—to give, pray and grow until His Kingdom comes. In Jesus’ name, Amen and Amen.

Until next time,

Stay Tender

Connect to the Mender

Be a Sender

P.S. Here is the video of me speaking to Rock Church of the Eastern Shore:

The title of the message was The Ark of Faith. Hope you enjoy!

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2 comentarios

15 ago 2022

What a great word!

Me gusta

15 ago 2022

Beautiful thoughts so well received. I had a God thought early this am it was Pray without ceasing! Right in law. Love you always aunt J

Me gusta
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