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Marked By Jesus

I had this thought for today. This is shorter than my usual posts, but I would like to hear back from you about how you have been marked by Jesus.

Do you have a memory of going about the routine of your day and something happened that turned it into a day you have never forgotten?

This one day may have felt like a little bit of heaven on earth, or maybe it was a day of grief that since has been marked as Jesus has restored you.

Can one day change you?

Can one day make a difference?

Can you hope for one day?

Is being hopeful wishful thinking or is hope attached to faith and a part of how you get from here to there?

“And this hope is not a disappointing fantasy, because we can now experience the endless love of God cascading into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who lives in us!”

Romans 5:5 TPT

Every day counts. Every day has the opportunity to access God’s endless love cascading into our hearts. You have the opportunity to make impact. You can pack your day or you can give space for your day to impact you. It is up to you to make the choice.

I have found when you make space to embrace God, He will surprise you with His grace for this race of life. So, grace grace to you today. Grace grace, I speak into your day!

I would love to hear from you about the one day that marked your life. I cannot wait to read your comments.

Keep bringing your cheer and smiling from ear to ear.

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Susan Walton
Susan Walton
May 31, 2020

As I sit here in the quiet and ponder the question “How my life was Marked by Jesus”, so many reflections pass through my mind, for instance, the day I realized Jesus was my only hope. July 7th, 2002, I had a choice, Life Or Death? I chose Life! My life was in a spiral, spinning out of control, I felt helpless and lost, but Jesus left the 99 and found this lost sheep and welcomed her into the fold. He’s been my Faithful Sheppard ever since. If He didn’t Mark my life, I wouldn’t be sitting here in the quiet, on a beautiful Sunday morning, listening to the birds sing their Glory song while the sun is rising ,…


Times had been hard the last couple yrs and I had been needing some help or some kind of guidance...a voice was had been in my head for a while to get into church more and listen to his word....while I did I feel I was changed inside completely how I felt reacted many different things and then what I'd been callin out for came in the bat of an eye....the lord has blessed me in so many ways and the last couple yrs have really showed me to listen to what hes trying to tell me by the signs givin and put all ur trust in him....I'm blessed


Mirna, I must tell you that today my brother sent me a meme depicting Psalm 91:4, and I instantly thought of you and what you said in this blog thread. Whether what you experienced might be called a vision or apparition, no matter. I have had similar experiences, and to me they have been more Real than anything tangible in this world that my brain thinks it "knows." The com-fort you received will remain with you always, and it speaks volumes about your relationship with God.


I had an experience with the Holy Spirit not long after I accepted Jesus as my one and only Savior, I believe is was the spring of 2000, it was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and I was out for a run before church. I was thinking of Poppa God and what it ment to have given my life over to Christ and suddenly it felt as though I had little wings on my ankles just carrying me along and I was running with out any effort and I felt like I could run without end.

I knew that it was the Holy Spirit!.....I knew I was being welcomed to the flock and assured I would never be alone i…


The moment of my wife’s passing away was life-changing for me. It was as though I had been faced for many months with a complicated, grievous, worldly problem—a problem with a theoretical solution that became, in that moment, proven beyond any doubt—and simply and powerfully so.

By way of background, my original meeting with Linda was divinely orchestrated, instantly beginning a holistic Relationship in God’s Love that endured for 45 years in this world. Indeed, I remain unable to imagine a marriage relationship more perfect than was mine with Lin.

My Relationship with Lin warrants its own story, but here in this blog, Micah’s request stimulated in me a need to share my story with you about my experience at…

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