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Love Covers All

Happy Monday!

I started this year off with the words More heART! Well, I want to let you in a little into my life. Last week was more for sure, with new appointments almost every day.

Monday, it rained and snowed, so I enjoyed a day at home. I have a new book I’m reading and almost got through half of it in one day.

Tuesday, I met with a vocal coach for the first time. I’ve been having some vocal fatigue, and so I want to strengthen this area of my body. It’s critical to all things I need in the now and the future, I believe. She recommended me seeing an ENT, and so another appointment was made. Also, that day my daughter called me from school and said she fell really bad jumping rope and asked if I could come get her.

Wednesday, we headed to get an X-ray, and yep, it was broken. A chipped elbow. Now, by this point, my insides started to unravel. Stella mentioned that she missed daddy, for he would have picked her up at school and put a smile back on her face. Nobody did that and that was a tough reality and a moment for her to grieve. As for myself, with going to get an x-ray for the first time and everything that happened afterwards, I felt big inside my body too. My emotions were over the top. When things feel big, you just want to be comforted. Yet, our earthly comforter was gone.

This brings me to a scripture reference.

“Further, David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him, for all of them were embittered, each man for his sons and daughters. But David felt strengthened and encouraged in the Lord his God.”

1 Samuel 30:6 AMP

We have life group on Wednesday nights, but since there has been an uptick of Covid, our group canceled. But, for some reason, I informed another group what had happened and they invited us to their group meeting. Before the end of the night this happened:

This group made six “Sonshine Boxes” for six widows. Two of them for myself and my friend, Holly, who lost her husband to Covid almost a year to date. Tears flowed, for my heart was heavy from the eventful week. I wrote this that night:

“You’ll never know what your made of, if all you ever feel is love.” ✌🏼

Love covers all, but in our humanity, we find our weaknesses. And when we allow those to be exposed and yielded to the Holy Spirit, the Father of light shines bright. That brightness allows us to shine like a diamond to others and become a beacon and a guide that everything is going to be alright no matter the daily freight.

There is my rhyme tonight.

The pain can never remain when love finds you all along the way. ❤️

Here is another revised version.

The pain cannot remain when you allow your pain to be absorbed by the Great Mender.

Jesus timing is always perfect. It could not have happened any better. Each day for a week, I get to open a present and with it comes a scripture verse along with it to encourage me to keep going. I haven’t opened them all yet, but here is a pic of what I have.

Thursday, I had my ENT appointment and cast scheduled for Stella. I went to my appointment first. Acid reflux has inflamed my vocal cords. A new diet and a purple pill has been added to my daily regimen. My prayer was, Lord let the results be mild. ✔️ Stella was next. We headed to CHKD and they were so very nice. They said this is a small break. She will be better in no time. Three weeks in a cast, and by six weeks she should be good to go. ✔️ My son had a basketball game that night. We were able to get back in time to go to his game and he got the last shot of the game. 🗑🏀

Friday, a family that we’ve been praying for and who felt called to move from Bolivia, South America to Franklin, VA finally made it after 6 years of trying. It was also my father-in-law’s 70th birthday. It was a day to celebrate!! A miracle. Promises fulfilled. So, many prayers and energy rode into the driveway for a long overdue face to face encounter. His presence was felt and love won the day.

I don’t know about you, but this was an eventful week. So, my heart goes out to you, my menders, for I believe your week was a little extra as well. But, one thing I know for sure, when we bring thankfulness into our overwhelmed-ness, it produces goodness.

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18 NKJV

Today also starts our new posts, with day one of My Mended Heart quotes and the journal page to do at your leisure. You can begin here:

If you have never given it a try, please try. If you don’t know how to start, message me. I have found that to stay present without anxiety, you need time to sit for a few minutes and allow your heart to pour out. This is your heart check for your health to stay in check. The questions curated in this journal are unique and they do get you thinking. It was designed with you in mind. For, as you open up your heart to the Mender, the heart opens up back to you. Healing begins and you find what you have been missing within. The End.

By the way, stay tuned for more tunes coming your way. 🎶

Until next time,

Stay Tender

Connect to the Mender

Be a Sender

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