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Let's Hear From You!

Happy Monday!!

Thank you for reading my blogs each week. Today, I want to hear from you! What would you like me to write about on #MondaysWithMicah this month? What topics would you like to hear and discuss? Give me your feedback in the comments below.

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I saw that you talked about the importance of a “clean heart”, but I would like to hear about the “clean walk” as well. Many people see our walk before they get to know our hearts. We are taught to Walk by Faith and Not by Sight, but what about that one who doesn’t know faith.


Can grief of any sort be a forever setback or could it be set up for a better come back story.

We live with the pain of yesterday but can God truly deliver a better tomorrow. How will people feel when they see a smile versus a frown, can people accept God can heal and you can move forward? Sometimes I think people want you stuck in grief, they do not want to see you happy, they want you to carry the sadness forever. Can you speak into this and your process of searching for the better God is holding for you. Do you belive it? Thank you!


I think an update on your music endeavors would be great and the correlation of Jesus revealing Himself in the depths of worship!


Vickie Easterday
Vickie Easterday
Oct 06, 2020

I've been corresponding with two young women that I met years ago. Both are trying to find healing spiritually, physically and emotionally. One is in a recovery program from drug and alcohol addiction. One struggles with bipolar episodes and is in a toxic same sex relationship. Both were in youth ministry in their late teens/ early twenties and were hurt by the youth leader that has left them deeply scarred.

What insight can you give that I can share with them to keep them on their new journeys with Jesus?


In line with what the others are saying, I think how to fight fear during the time of the pandemic would be a timely topic. It seems the virus is hitting closer to home and I know I worry for my loved ones and constantly second guess every little sniffle (which is tough this time of year). How can we balance the aspect of not living in fear while still being cautious and careful to protect one another?

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