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Kingdom Servers: Serve & Storehouse

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Happy Labor Day!

This month, I’m going to be featuring eight local businesses that have labored through a pandemic for our benefit. Each business has partnered with myself and Coldwell Banker Now to give back in what I’m calling “Kingdom Servers.”

Let’s start off by honoring Serve and Storehouse.

They came into our community at about the same time and it’s been divine. A match made in downtown heaven if you ask me. You see, I have been working downtown for the past 22 years. Having places to eat has been limited over the years with many different transitions of ownership. But, there is something happening in the present and it’s giving an energy that is bringing happiness and prosperity back into our downtown workforce community. One thing both of these businesses does well is SERVE.

Serve’s motto is honoring those who serve our community. I started thinking about this from a more spiritual perspective. I hope you will allow me to elaborate.

We the people are Kingdom Servers. We are part of the serving staff in this world. When we collectively serve each other well, nobody can say they were unserved. If we are truly serving from a kingdom perspective, preferring the other meaning we all do our part, nobody will ever feel underserved. No one will ever feel unseen, for we are serving as one collective heart community. Some might be a hostess, the bus boy, a waiter or waitress—all parts to being on the serving staff. I think the kingdom of God can be looked at in the same way. People can feel unfulfilled in the kingdom at times when you serve from a place of your own strength, but when you serve the Father from a place of unconditionally love, something transformational happens to others and yourself. He will connect your heart to others and the infilling starts to overflow your being. If we all do our part, we will never come apart, because each one of us is doing our part by serving one another’s hearts.

This is Kingdom Serving.

These two businesses especially are finding ways to utilize local independent small business owners to bridge gaps in our local markets. From cake pops to ready-made to-go food items, they are a place for us to share, laugh, and receive nourishment, which is a very good thing.

Look for the Kingdom Servers flyer and the Funds for Fabulous Things box to donate a little cash today. Every dollar given will be given back to a customer near you by the end of the week.

Tune in next week for the next set of featured businesses. I would love for you to sow into them, for they have been such a blessing to our community. Just having them as a place to park has been healing to so many hearts.

Happy Serving!!

Until next time,

Stay Tender.

Connect to the Mender.

Be a Sender.

P.S. A new song was released on Friday. Here is the link below. It’s called Treasure Holder.

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