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Kingdom Servers: Follow-up

Happy Monday!

Today we are doing a Kingdom Server follow up. I checked back in with each business, and what they have done with your contributions has given me a grin.

Southern Charm is first up to bat. They were able to surprise and bless one of their faithful customers with everything she had picked out that day for her Christmas wish list. It’s a good day to walk in ready to spend and then walk out with the message that says, “It’s on us. Thank you for just being you.”

Since Gourmet Market and Serve are under the same management, they were both able to bless any military, police, or fire department employees that came in throughout the month of September. This is something they already do, but what they received was extra to keep that goodness going.

Franklin Pharmacy already has a pay it forward running tally, so with the money that came in, they got to replenish that fund for future customers to come. This location actually received the most cash too, so thank you to everyone who gave. It made me happy to count it all up.

The Vine took their proceeds and used it on Veterans Day this past week and was able to give $230 worth of food and drink to bless their veterans and frequent customers who came in the door. What an honor to be a part of this day. Again, this gives me a grin.

Storehouse turned their proceeds into a gift card and blessed whoever felt right at that moment and time.

The Cat’s Meow gave their funds to the Robert Hill Toy Drive, something that has been going on here since Police Officer Hill passed away. The owner of Cat’s Meow was able to donate some of their gifts from the store and a copy of the My Mended Heart book and CD to the coordinator of this drive. She had tears running down her face from this offering of goodness and grace.

The amazing thing about all these stories is there wasn’t just one age group that was touched. It was a generational blessing. I love this soo much. Kids were blessed, first responders were blessed, frequent customers were blessed, and to hear these stories swells my heart, so I am also equally blessed.

Coldwell Banker and I partnered together, which allowed for more businesses to participate in this Kingdom Servers initiative. It was so fun. We hope to do it again. There is something about giving that causes the heart to feel blessed. It’s the key to walking in a daily victory of gratefulness when you give to another out of the wellspring of your heart for the other. It allows that act of obedience to go further. The further we push kindness and generosity down the road, the brighter and happier that road seems to grow. A slogan we have used here in Franklin is, “Growing together makes everything better.”

These stories are just a small glimpse into the daily happenings in this beautiful community of Franklin and Southampton County. Tune in next week to hear about another business I have to mention before the end of this year.

Until next time,

Stay Tender

Connect to the Mender

Be a Sender

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