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I Want to Love On You!

Happy February My Menders! It's love month and I want to love on you!

What do you need to hear this Februaury?

What can I share to bring you comfort and joy?

What will help you keep your love on when your loved one is distant or gone?

Give me your feedback in the comments below.

And until next time,

Stay tender.

Connect to the Mender.

Be a Sender.

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2 comentários

elimoore21, this is only my "2 cents" --- Of all the teachers, coaches, parents, grandparents or other leaders I have ever known (and regardless of subject, sport, or role), it is those who Love through their presence and their nurturing compassion (even when they are "strict") who in fact are the best teachers, the best coaches, the best parents --- even though they stumble along their own road of mistakes and blunders along the way. Children recognize and KNOW this Love, and they are thus inspired with something much more important than anything of the world before them at the moment. Thus, you may feel unsure and even lost at times, but then remind yourself that the Lord is …


I have just found this thanks to my sister. I am loving the blog already. As you know I am raising a ten year old grandson and sometimes I feel lost on how I am raising him. Would love some blogging on this front!!

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