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His Restoring Grace  

This series on grace has really been interesting, and I have a feeling this will continue into next month. Jesus is revealing something to me as I’m walking through this trail that will end in VICTORY.

I picked up my daily devotional from Smith Wigglesworth and read the devo for June 12th. Jesus continues to reveal as I heal.

The last two paragraphs got me thinking. Jesus sends His healing power and brings His restoring grace, so there is nothing to fear. I also love the part before that about Doctor Jesus never prescribing the wrong medicine. I don’t know about you, but I needed to hear that. 😮‍💨

This got me thinking. So, I googled restorative grace and found this article on the attributes of grace:

GRACE is also an acronym representing five attributes:

G is for generosity, the will to do something more for others.

R is respect, the dignity of life and work.

A is action, the mechanism for change.

C is compassion, the concern for others.

E is energy, the spirit that catalyzes us.

These two links take you to a video explaining these five attributes further and to the whole article. I love this soo much!!

In this devotional, it mentions that God’s heart of love is the center of all things, and it also goes on to say, “Get your eyes off yourself; lift them up high, and see the Lord, for in Him, there ‘is everlasting strength’ Isaiah 26:4.”

Isn’t it interesting that the more we focus on ourselves and our problems the weaker we tend to feel? Whereas, if we can just look up, all of a sudden He enters our hearts and minds and renews our perspective to see Him above all else, and suddenly things don’t seem so grim and our strength is renewed again and again. Amen.

The final line of this devotional says, “the only thing that is wrong is your wrong conception of His redemption.” Let me simplify what that means to me. Our revelation of the cross, and what truly that sacrifice or cost was, effects our understanding of just how much He truly loves us. Until we understand a thing, we don’t usually receive a thing. Until we allow ourselves to feel a thing, we can’t truly heal a thing. That thing being US—our hearts, minds, wills and emotions—ALL have to come under the lordship of Christ to be made all right.

Folks, these are challenging times. Church as it is and was is not enough anymore to get a breakthrough. We have to dig into the Word and find the truth for ourselves. For, we have daily obstacles we are facing and this can really affect our emotional capital, and that takes a toll on our mind, will, and emotions.

Another part of this devotional said it like this:

“Dear friend, you may have the Word, but you need an awakened spirit. The Word is not alive until it is moved upon by the Spirit of God, and in the right sense, it becomes Spirit and Life when it is touched by His hand alone.”

After Ben’s celebration service, the Bible became alive for me. It had always felt like a history book, and since that day, it’s felt more like a real time living testament. All of a sudden, I could see myself in the stories. I had a different perspective. I used to look at the scriptures and ask myself, how can I apply this to my life? It’s a very western kind of thinking. However, in my studies, I’ve learned that the Jewish or Middle Eastern lens reads the Bible from the perspective of how did God show up here or what part of His character is being revealed. It was never about us, y’all. It was always about Him!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below what restoring grace means to you. I believe the more we share what we know, the more we grow. 😉

I hope you have enjoyed this series on grace. This reminder here today has surely been a win for me. I needed this to keep going through this countdown to my radiance finish line. I’m not sure what more He will be revealing, but GRACE seems to be the theme, so stay tuned for more stories while we walk through this summer together. AMEN.

Until next time,

Grace Wins

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Aug 30, 2023

To me, Grace is his undying love for us. He continues to bless us each and every day. I love the part about, we have to get out of our own mind. That is where the devil resides. Thank you for all your posts, we all need these reminders. Papa Kev.


To me, the most salient aspect of Grace is not as much that it is Real and is offered to us, but that we each are personally responsible by our free will to recognise that it is being constantly offered ...and to willfully accept it. To accomplish this, we have but to "get out of our head" with all its egoic distractions, ...and look up! You have said this many times in different ways, Micah, and I say to you: Amen!

Here, you say it again: "Isn’t it interesting that the more we focus on ourselves and our problems the weaker we tend to feel? Whereas, if we can just look up, all of a sudden He enters our heart…

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