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Happy Easter, I’m a Flower Girl ☺️

Happy week 14 of 2023!

It’s was Easter yesterday and we had so much fun coming together as a family. I hope you did too. Post a picture in the comments if you feel so inclined to share.

This time of year gets me so inspired by watching everything come into bloom. The smell. The breeze. The leaves. The colorful trees. All the diversity of flowers you see. It just makes me feel giddy. 😁

I was journaling recently and this came out on the page:

The heart is like a delicate flower, petal by petal it blooms into a beautiful bouquet and sweet aroma.

What petals need to fall so another can grow?

This, “ I know” petal.

I haven’t revealed it all, so you don’t know it all. 🤨

Trust is a must in this season!!

Was it right by not going to the funeral and staying home?

Yes - that’s an easy guess.

What do you have for me?

Truth in bite sizes pieces to hand away.

I’m a tree that never dies. Keep coming to me so you never run out of petals to give away.

A flower girl knows how to walk and release at the same time. 🥹💐

In Latin, the word petal is corona, translated to mean little crown, wreath or chapel. I like that. It continues to give me language to who a Daughter of the King truly is and how she’s suppose to walk.

In the final paragraph of last week’s blog, I used the word parachute. This got me curious, so I looked up the meaning of the word gliding as well. Good ole Google gave me a winning definition:

Glide, a verb (MOVE)

to move easily without stopping and without effort or noise: “She came gliding gracefully into the ballroom in a long, flowing gown.” “I love my new pen - it just glides across/over the paper.”

Catch the Wind

(I sang this song as Ben’s celebration service as well.)

Okay, let’s take a deep breath after absorbing all of that, for this next part is getting turned up. 💥💥💥

There is something about this season of life I’m walking through that feels different. And as I’m writing this blog today, I get a message in my Sentara My Chart app that reads:




“We do recommend radiation and hormone therapy, someone will be in touch soon.”


To all my Menders out there who have been praying faithfully for me, thank you ☺️

I am the proof of your prayers!!

Thank you for taking the time over the last two months to send me food (it’s been so yummy too), cards, texts, gifts, rides, and I will most likely need your help again very soon. This month, I have three appointments scheduled: dermatology, radiology, and naturopathic. This is the next step in my road towards full transformation. My genetic testing came back with a 12% probability for melanoma. Thankfully, they didn’t find anything else. So, I will be adding another annual screening to my growing roster of doctors.

After all of these appointments have been completed, I will make an informed decision of how to best move forward—not from fear, but from faith. I feel I need to say this because the suddenly moments in our lives can cause us to feel like we need to make major decisions right away. It’s a trauma response. I’m learning that taking some time to breathe and sit with those decisions feels truer and wiser to feel confident of the next step in the journey. And as I mentioned above, it’s a gliding kind of stride. So, let’s keep in the groove while we moooovvvveeeee. 😉

Welp, this is enough for today.

So, please go celebrate yourself today by getting some flowers, ice cream, and/or a good coffee. Whatever makes you feel happy, for today is a day worth celebrating.

Hip hip hooray 🥳

Hip hip hooray 🥳

Let’s keep gliding together,

Stay Tender

Connect to the Mender

Be a Sender

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Apr 10, 2023

Great news to celebrate, no chemo needed🎉🎉


How awesome and important, "make an informed decision of how to best move forward—not from fear, but from faith." (!)


Apr 10, 2023
Replying to

Love these comments and pics. It’s makes my heart happy.

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