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From a Place of Leftovers

Today’s blog is in reflection of a moment I had a couple of weeks ago with myself.

It was a Saturday night and I had spent the whole day at home. There was a friend I sent a text to just to check in. When I did, she told me they were having a revival service at her church. I thought, I should go. It would get me out of the house and give me a word to receive as well. So, I jumped in the shower, and then another thought came over me to ask the Holy Spirit if I had the energy to go tonight or if I needed to sit tight. I got dressed, sat down, and got out my pen and paper. This is what transpired:

Help? Is there something I need to hear?

As He spoke back to me, this is what I wrote down: My daughter, I’m right here. Who else do you want to hear from? Revival starts with Me! You already have Me, so who else are you going to see? I don’t know, you tell Me?

I paused in His presence and responded, Nobody, I’m just going to receive and encourage a friend.

His response was this: This is how one gets spent, by doing for others out of their leftovers. I gave you a day to stay. So, pray, play, and enjoy this day to stay.

Wow! I texted my friend this dialogue and told her I was going to stay and pray for His empowering presence to hover over her meeting place that evening. After this night, I now believe that I am to intercede more often than being present in a seat.

I still feel this way now that the holiday season is fast approaching and since we have been going through this year with a pandemic threatening us around every corner. We have to be very intentional to take good care of ourselves and our families. Living from a place of leftovers is not what the Father desired for us on this earth. We are not orphans. WE ARE daughters and sons of the King. We have been given the inheritance of entering His rest. This rest is not just about peace, but a lifestyle of shalom. (Shalom is a Hebrew word meaning peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility and can be used idiomatically to mean both hello and goodbye.)

I am learning to check in with myself before I commit myself to another activity or event. This is a new thing for me and it’s not easy. To create a new rhythm in your life takes time to cultivate. It’s worth it! You’re worth it! To rest without guilt is a blessing. In this world, we tend to fight this blessing, for if you have a to-do-list and do not finish it, the voices in our head say you don’t get to rest until the list is finished. However, the reality is that the list never really gets done. There is always something on the list. So, rest will never happen until you choose to capture it. Yes, maybe less gets done, but I will challenge you that when you are more rested, you work more efficiently in less time.

So, let’s recap:

  1. Check in.

  2. Take a moment to rest.

  3. Get rid of guilt.

  4. Embrace the blessing.

  5. Cultivate a new rhythm.

This holiday season will come and go, but please seek your rest and peace. Follow His presence and He will guide you (breadcrumbs) when you get still enough to find Him. The stillness isn’t silent when His presence is right beside you.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for you, my readers, my menders. I am thankful to be alive. I am thankful for my family, and lastly, I am thankful for Christ. Without Him, I would not be able to see my loved ones again. Amen.

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Yes, "the voices in our head" (ex, guilt, fret, anger, agitation, worry,...) do tend to separate us from God. And I have found one of the best ways to get out of my head is included at the end of your excellent message and could be added to your recap list: Contemplate and orally express THANKFULNESS... "I am thankful for you, my readers, my menders. I am thankful to be alive. I am thankful for my family, and lastly, I am thankful for Christ. Without Him, I would not be able to see my loved ones again. Amen."


We need to embrace with everything that qe are thankful for

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