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Eternal Moments to Live For

On November 4th, my extended family and I got to experience the Sight and Sound Theater playing the Miracle of Christmas in Lancaster, PA. It was a first for my family to experience this beautiful musical theater. As I walked up to the grandeur of this place, my heart leaped within, for I could feel joy bubbling up. It was a bitter sweet moment, for the following day was my husband’s earthly birthday, and I continue to hold the tension in these annual dates with mixed emotions.

In the quick flash of a thought, you start to tell yourself, he would have loved this 🤩……..pause ……..and then that too familiar chilling sting of death reminds you that he is no longer here and you still miss him deeply, which almost brings you to tears. 😢 Thankfully before that tear was even able to drop in his wondrous grace, we walked up to the front of this beautiful building and there they were—the Lion and the Lamb. What a reminder y’all. 🤩 Ben may no longer be standing here with us, but the Lion and the Lamb remains ever present. There were 19 of us gathered as a family, and as I’m writing this, I’m reminded that this year would have been the 19th year of our marriage as well. Our God is so international ya’ll, and don’t think these numbers are missed by me, for He knows I notice dates like these. 😉

The play was heart-warming, and Jesus was glorified as we gathered to enjoy the wonder of Christ our King. It was also our first time since my uncle Dwight passed that we got together as a family, and I know he would have loved to see all of us together. My heart believes he does somehow, for I can see him smiling down from his heavenly place with that silly grin on his face. I’m happy to report, goodness still abounds even when our loved ones are no longer around.

As we returned the following day, a friend I met years back from an online Bible study was in route home. She asked me could we make a pit stop, and I said yes we can. In our text thread, we realized Ben and her mother’s birthday were both November 5th. Only God! We took a few minutes to fellowship and sing Happy Birthday to her mother Pauline who had turned 87. After I left, I texted my friend this thought:

“You made your request known and I'm thankful to be able to fulfill that desire and speak to your mother, for we don't know how many bdays she has left, so taking this time to shine a little light on her felt like an eternal moment I would not let pass by.” 🫂

I’m thankful for this intersection sent from heaven. 🛣️ It would have been just like Ben to defer to another if he knew it would touch their hearts. So, in our route home, we took a small detour to sing Happy Birthday to the living and also to remember the dead.

These are the kind of eternal moments I live for and the ones I desire to step into more and more. So, once again, Ben has brought us/me a tender grin, for moments like these feel heaven sent.

This month has many more gatherings, so stay tuned for next week’s heart happenings.

There is just so much to be thankful for y’all. May you see His goodness more and more throughout your days. Amen and amen.

Until next time,

Keep gliding 🪁

Abiding 🙇🏼‍♀️

& Smiling 😁

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1 Comment

God is pretty amazing at the people he wants to assemble. He knew long ago of your detour trip and what a blessing it would be. Yay God!

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