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Daughter of the King - Part 2

Welcome back to more on the Daughter of the King. It’s love month, or at least that is what I like to call it, and so I am loving on you this month by reminding you just how valuable you are to the King. I am going to pick up where we left off in the chapter called Daughter of the King:


Righteous means someone in right relationship with God—not because of anything they’ve done, but because of Christ’s work on the cross. Royal means “kingly,” elevated to the role of High Priest. Regal means someone so impressive, beautiful, and dignified that they’re suitable to be a king or a queen. Raw exemplifies pure transparency and vulnerability, uninfluenced by the eyes of public opinion. Real reflects honesty and authenticity, living in line with one’s genuine self.


Wow, I remember thinking at the time. I like that!

In my mind, these five traits break down into two groups.

First, righteous, royal, and regal. All three of those characteristics have to do with knowing our identity as children of God. It’s recognizing the power that lives within us and learning to walk and embody those things. Like Esther, Ruth, Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, and all the other courageous women of the Bible, a Daughter of the King knows her true identity as a Daughter of Light.


I wrote in my journal something I felt the Holy Spirit gave me during that period of searching and asking questions. Eventually, part of that writing turned into another song on this album (“Rays”):


So, Daughters of Light, it’s time to carry his might. Step outside and look into the light, for we are walking by faith and not by sight. Because we are Daughters of Light, and we carry His might. For this is the choice to raise our voice with the weight of God’s glory.”


In a class I took on studying the Bible through a Middle Eastern lens, I learned about the phrase, “taking the Lord’s name in vain.” Like many people, I always thought that meant, “Don’t cuss” or “Don’t say, ‘Oh my God,’” but as I learned in this class, that’s not all the biblical author is trying to convey.


As followers of Jesus, as Christians (or “little Christs”), we represent Jesus to the world. As sons and daughters of Yahweh, we stand in on behalf of our Father of Light to the people around us. But if we don’t know who we are—if we don’t understand our identity—our representation holds no weight. We carry the name of Jesus, but without all the glory, honor, and righteousness it deserves. This is what it means to “take the Lord’s name in vain.”

When we recognize who we are—royal, regal, righteous children of the King—and the weight that holds, we carry the name of Jesus with a new reverence. Like the “glory dust” I refer to in this song—the “loving-kindness” that’s all around us—a Daughter of the King wears a garment of glory that’s characteristic of her Father. It carries weight. This is how Yahweh views us as His children—our words carry weight.


I was listening to a podcast recently that told a story, and I want to link it here today.



If you want to listen all the way through, it’s a beautiful episode from a Nigerian photographer/worshiper. She tells a story about a king she went to photograph and her understanding of royalty that came in the process of meeting him. Her description goes so well with this topic here today, so I had to link this part of the podcast, which starts at minute 14 and goes to minute 21.


She mentions this revelation where she said, “my daughter, you are royalty when you walk into the room. Every spiritual entity will adjust itself into position because you have come. The power of who we are as children, as sons, as daughters of God, and the authority that we carry is so powerful, for we must be aware that when we walk into a territory or a room, everybody knows we are on our way. Even the spirit of darkness and light can sense your presence.”


She goes on to say a king doesn’t waste words, and a king doesn’t talk to everyone, for the position is holy and we are not the same. This is all about kingship. And as we begin understanding who this God is, it allows for a deeper understanding that draws us to know Him more intimately.


Ok, that’s enough for now. I am loving how this series is coming together. Tune in next week for more on this topic of understanding our identity and our royal position in the earth.


Until next time,

Keep Believing

Keep Braving

Keep Beaming


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