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Compassion in Action

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Last week, we talked about disinfecting and using that time to pray. While doing a word search, I found disinfecting right here in the story of the Good Samaritan in the Bible. Bam! This gave me a little cheer. So, let’s dig into this story:

“Just then a religious scholar stood before Jesus in order to test his doctrines. He posed this question: ‘Teacher, what requirement must I fulfill if I want to live forever in heaven?’ Jesus replied, ‘What does Moses teach us? What do you read in the Law?’ The religious scholar answered, ‘It states, “You must love the Lord God with all your heart, all your passion, all your energy, and your every thought. And you must love your neighbor as well as you love yourself.”’ Jesus said, ‘That is correct. Now go and do exactly that and you will live’ Wanting to justify himself, he questioned Jesus further, saying, ‘What do you mean by “my neighbor”?’ Jesus replied, ‘Listen and I will tell you. There was once a Jewish man traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho when bandits robbed him along the way. They beat him severely, stripped him naked, and left him half dead. ‘Soon, a Jewish priest walking down the same road came upon the wounded man. Seeing him from a distance, the priest crossed to the other side of the road and walked right past him, not turning to help him one bit. ‘Later, a religious man, a Levite, came walking down the same road and likewise crossed to the other side to pass by the wounded man without stopping to help him. ‘Finally, another man, a Samaritan, came upon the bleeding man and was moved with tender compassion for him. He stooped down and gave him first aid, pouring olive oil on his wounds, disinfecting them with wine, and bandaging them to stop the bleeding. Lifting him up, he placed him on his own donkey and brought him to an inn. Then he took him from his donkey and carried him to a room for the night. The next morning he took his own money from his wallet and gave it to the innkeeper with these words: “Take care of him until I come back from my journey. If it costs more than this, I will repay you when I return.” So, now, tell me, which one of the three men who saw the wounded man proved to be the true neighbor?’ The religious scholar responded, ‘The one who demonstrated kindness and mercy.’ Jesus said, ‘You must go and do the same as he.’”

Luke 10:25-37 TPT

What a story!! Two religious men saw the physical wounds of a stranger and walked away like they didn’t see a thing. Let’s take this one step further. What about emotional wounds? How many times do we walk by people who seem down and just keep going? We tell ourselves so many things inside: I don’t have time to stop. I don’t know them enough to ask. I don’t know how to help. The list goes on and on. But, here in this story, the third man who was a Samaritan stopped. Why? He was moved with tender compassion. This is the key to unlocking others and mending a wounded heart. Compassion!!! If our heart isn’t moved, we will not be able to move their heart to repentance or awareness or compassion.

The Samaritan took ownership. He carried the wounded man to an inn and foot the bill. Why? Compassion moved past logic and into action. Love in action has a reaction that causes others to believe you actually love them. No matter what you see, you will love them for them. Some may say to you, “Why would you do that for me?” You will say, “Because God so loved us, and so I must give that kind of love away.” Every day, give love away. But, what if you don’t feel the extra love to give away? Ask the Holy Spirit for a double dose and watch Him come through again and again. Love wins y’all!! Love wins!! 

If I could put out a challenge, the first would be to pray when we routinely disinfect. The second would be to see the needs of others. Be that Samaritan who took the time to disinfect another and even paid the tab until their infections were fully healed. That tab can be time, a rhyme, sending a song, a verse, a prayer, or food, just to name a few. Ask the Holy Spirit, who needs your hands today, what do you have to give. In Jesus name, Amen.

Well, it’s a Monday and you know what that means. It’s time to cheer and smile from ear to ear. 

Here is a song that should get you a little cheery, at least it did for me. Dance! Prance! Maybe even make a little romance! Why? This could be your last chance so make it count. Every day matters, and your light shines so bright when you believe you will be alright. And you will be. You are a Daughter of Light. 💡

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