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Wow!! What a difference a year with Jesus can make!

My Sweet Micah D, MICAH DECLARE, as she has been to me and so many, said, “ Hang in there, don’t give up, God’s got this!!”

My 2022 began with many questions. Yes, Romans 8:28 was working in my life, but the loneliness was setting in. I wrote to God daily. It seemed like the past was better no matter how I tried to move forward. At age 64, with lots of love to give, I ask Him, what do you have for me now, Lord? My identity was changing and I had no clue the beautiful plan God had for me.

Here it is—a love story that only God could write: Two widowed hearts who were friends 40 years ago met, and on January 2, 2023, we got married to share life, love, family, and the Lord for this next season of our journey!

Micah D and so many said, “It’s your time now, your new beginning!” I wrote to God daily and I prayed and asked, am I to be alone or was there someone for me to finish this race with? He answered and brought this man to my front yard in Spring 2021 to look at a yard job for me! His name was Dennis, and he told me, “I understand your loss and call me if you need a friend to talk with.” I was afraid of it all. We did talk on the phone a lot, but in June 2022, we actually had a date and our widow/widower resurrection story began! We became Adventure Buddies and enjoyed every moment!! Two lonely hearts connected, and God did the rest! Amazing!

We must grieve as widows/widowers, but widowhood is not a death sentence to sadness and loneliness. Ask God what He has now, thank Him in advance, and watch what He will do for you!

When I asked Micah D about her thoughts on me and Dennis, she sent me this song that says it all!!

We Need People by Kristian Stanfill

Also, mine and Dennis’s other favorite song is New Day by Danny Gokey. “No Looking Back” it says!

Yes, remember the good and ask God what He has for you now! God created Love, God is Love, and Love Heals! Nothing replaces the love we have for those we have lost. Hold on to the good as we are, and continue the journey knowing God’s plan is good for you. Chase a sunset, watch a sunrise, find joy in the journey! None of us know how many days we have, but with God’s Love, we can see Romans 8:28 in action!

ALL THINGS work together for GOOD for those who LOVE GOD!!

With love,

From Peggy and Dennis Overby😍❤️❤️

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2 comentários

20 de fev. de 2023

love all these stories.... not widowed but understand the loneliness ! Thank you !

Kathy W.
Kathy W.
21 de fev. de 2023
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