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A Product That is Special to Me

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

One of my most favorite products in the Mended Heart collection is the onesie.

I have a friend who for over 8 years tried to get pregnant. She and her husband didn’t have the money for doctor’s visits. So, they prayed and posted a video on Facebook asking if anyone was considering an abortion. They pleaded that if anyone didn’t want to keep their baby, they would adopt that baby. They had a lot of love to give and wanted to be considered as a baby’s birth parents. Four months later, they brought home a baby girl. And, before the end of that year, my friend was pregnant with their own little boy at 46-years-old. Now, they have two beautiful children.

My friend and her husband sent their prayers to Jesus, and now, they get to hold their answers to that prayer every night. You can feel the Mender through their story. And so, “In the sending, comes the mending”. With every hug, you feel a touch from the Mender.

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I love this testimony of answered prayer! This was community prayer that was answered in the most awesome way!

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