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A Few Good Men - Meet Noah

Meet my brother, Noah.

Noah came into the world when I was 10 years old. My mother at 41 had a son. It’s a little of a funny story, for my in-laws, or in-loves as we like to call them, became grandparents the same week my mother became a mother for the third time. My niece and my brother were born five days apart. Noah has always been a laid-back kind of guy. He had my sister to grow up with since they only had a six year difference in age. Once I turned sixteen, I got a job and never really looked back. I’m actually getting to know my brother more in my adult years then I ever did as a kid. At an early age, he was always good with computers and mechanical things. He also enjoys music like the rest of his family. He can play any guitar and now is learning to use computer programs to produce some of his own beats too. It is poetic to me that Noah serves our country, for he is a Navy man. Noah and the Ark!!! He joined the Navy seven and a half years ago in December 2013. Noah’s position is SW for Surface Warfare. His full abbreviation is FC1(SW). His awards won include 3 NAMs (Navy and Marine Achievement Medals). He is most proud of his CIWS Experience Award. It's really rare and precious for his specific job.

In 2020, he was on deployment for a record breaking 300 plus days. In the last month, Noah was awarded the Raytheon, which is given each year to one ship. His team had the best, most dependable mounts in the Navy. Basically, they always made their repairs fast and didn't need any additional contractor help. This award to the technicians gives them bragging rights amongst approximate 300 Navy fleets, not including the Coast Guard. This is an award of high regard. My brother and another SW worked really hard for this designation in the past year and they finally won. To say we are proud is an understatement. This past February, Noah re-upped and is now working stateside. He chose to have his ceremony at the Ben S. Dillon Life Center. He was one of Ben’s students. Noah said the day when he was on his first deployment and finally got the message he was coming home, he called a bunch of people and Ben was the first to answer. It was a tender moment for all of us. Noah first met his wife while going to the Rock Church School. Here are a few pictures from their wedding. What a beautiful family!!

When Brixton, their son, was born, it was a special moment for our family. For, Noah is the only son to carry on the Futrell name. My grandfather was one of nine siblings, seven boys and two girls. Out of all of them, my dad was the only one to have a son. He was the final descendent to carry on the family name until Brixton came and changed everything.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about A Few Good Men that are a part of my family heritage. Thank you, Noah, for serving our country. Thank you for serving our family. Thank you for serving your new family. Now, you’re a father. It’s a high call, sir. I’m thankful you know a few good men to help you handle this new fathering land. For all the times I never said it, I’m proud of you and all your accomplishments, but mostly that God selected you to be a part of our family tree.

Until next time,

Stay tender.

Connect it the Mender.

Be a sender.

P.S. There is a new single about to drop this Friday called Heart Beats. 💓 Stay tuned.

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