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Secret Warriors: Betania

Next up in this Secret Warrior series, meet Betania.

This lady has a smile that lights up any size room she enters. Her two beautiful children are gifts from God. Her daughter, Annorah, was adopted and her son, Benjamin, was born naturally. The meaning of the name Annorah is “Grace”. Benjamin means "Son of the right [hand]". A submission from California, U.S. says the name Betania means “The house of God". What a perfect name for her. I never knew that is what it meant. Her vessel is a house of pray. There is a passage in the Bible that reminds me of this definition:

“Jesus entered the temple area and forcibly threw out all the merchants from their stalls. He rebuked them, saying, ‘The Scriptures declare, “My Father’s house is to be filled with prayer—a house of prayer, not a cave of bandits!”’ From then on Jesus continued teaching in the temple area, but the high priests, the experts of the law, and the prominent men of the city kept trying to find a strategy to accuse Jesus, for they wanted him dead. They could find no reason to accuse him, for he was a hero to the people and the crowds were awestruck by every word he spoke.”

Luke 19:45-48 TPT

Back to her story. This woman asked me to be in her wedding. By the time it came around, I ended up being 9 months pregnant! I had my son 5 days after her wedding. 😥😥😥 For Betania, it would take her and her husband 8 years to finally have a baby, but this little boy was a miracle. You see, she got pregnant at 46 years old and during the winter after my husband passed. Even though we will not know for sure until we cross over into eternity, we believe Ben had something to do with it. Hence, she gave her son the name Benjamin. (There is more to the name, but you will have to ask her that personally.) She moved to my town when she got married, and I asked her if she would help me with my son on Mondays since I would be going back to work soon. She said, “Thank you for entrusting them with me.” My kids love Tama, as they named her. Only God knew they would be the children she could give love to when there was no pregnancy in sight for her.

This lady has a connection to the Holy Spirit that has become so sweet and tender to watch over the years. She is a soul sister for me. I have loved her since we first met. She was the first person to ask me to speak to her youth group years before she ever moved into my town. Our days together are always happy and with lots of laughter. Also, she is a business owner. This lady hustles y’all! She started her own cleaning business and God has been blessing her business year after year. It’s called Queen Bee Cleaning Service, and her tagline is “Busy as a Bee So You Don’t Have to Be.”

She is not only a business woman, but she also has a passion for Jesus like no other. She has a passion for lost souls, for she has found her true home in Jesus and loves to tell others about the peace she has found. She texts me so many times when my heart is unsettled and it’s continued to humble me. Her discipline to pray when she feels a prompting and to know that I was on her heart never gets old. She has the gift of intercession. For, she gets an impression and then uses her love whispers, or tongues as some call it, to talk to Jesus. There is so many things she does well.

So Betania, I honor you today. I honor your passion. I honor your heart for worship. I honor that you see good in people and that every person matters. I honor your intentional hello. I honor your bravery to seek the one lost soul waiting to know about the one true God. I honor you as a mother. I honor your faithfulness to the body of Christ. I honor your persistence as a wife. I honor your family values. I love you. I always have and always will.

Finally, she lived in an orphanage until she was nine years old. She was adopted, and then in her own journey to later adopt herself is amazing. The gift of sonship, or daughtership in this case, is a gift from Heaven. House of God, I believe she was rightfully named and continues to honor that name in which she was given. Amen❤️

Until next time,

Stay tender.

Connect to the Mender.

Be a sender.

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