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No Matter the Elements, You Were Made to Bloom

As I was pulling into my driveway the other day, I noticed my hydrangea bushes. They started out so plush and green in the spring, but by July they had started to fry.

Now it’s fall, and it’s still blooming even though most of its leaves have been burned. I can actually see new leaves growing and new blooms budding.

This got me thinking. 🤔

Oh, how I can relate. This spring and summer, I was cut and burned through surgery and radiation, and yet I believe there is new growth and blooming things ahead. The resilience of our humanity is a humbling and beautiful thing, y’all.

These plants were full of green leaves back in the spring, but you can see how there isn’t much left. However, there is just something healing about seeing plants that keep blooming, and these need very little maintenance too.

Speaking of maintenance, this month has been full of it. My car was in the shop, my AC went out, and my disposal went out too, all within a few weeks. Also, as the kids got back into school, I started getting back into my follow-up checkups. I had a feeling something wasn’t right, for my left side has been sore. So, I asked the radiologist about referring me to see a lymphatic therapist. Now, I’m going twice a week for a month. (Micah needs maintenance too, who knew!) She is working on my scar tissue, has me doing arm exercises to strengthen my muscles and also lymphatic massage to help my circulation in the area that has been compromised. Come to find out, lymphedema is a common side effect after having lymph nodes removed, and is also something that’s not curable, only manageable. I was not happy to hear that, but thankfully I got to them early enough, so the swelling that I’m having is minor.

I want to stop right here. Nobody mentioned anything to me about lymphatic work before. I’ve been doing my own research, and this area felt highlighted and something inside (aka Holy Spirit) said look into this. The therapist said, “yes it’s good you have come.” I will be fitted for a compression bra and arm sleeve to have when needed and use from this day forward. I do believe this will be a minor issue when paired with a good diet and exercise into my daily routine. All of this helps manage symptoms.

I have felt a circulation breakdown from all of this, and so I’m adding some additional therapies to help get me back on track. Where my surgeon is located, they have an integrative health floor. Acupuncture, tai chi, yoga, and a nutritionist, to name a few of the resources they have available. I’m thankful I’ve landed here to explore all that is available in my recovery process.

I am also telling myself every day, I am healed in Jesus name.

Healing is part of my story and hopefully a gift to be given away to others who are in need of their own healing. I’m not the healer, but I’m in a relationship with the Man who is, and sometimes He shares His gifts with His children to give away. 🎁

Here is another pic of my hydrangea bush, for it’s really starting to repair and recover from the heat with these cooler raining days.

So, when life seems to be coming at you faster than you have time to process it all, get outside and take a walk, for you never know what you might see that reminds you that no matter the elements you are facing, were made to bloom, and bloom, and bloom some more.💐

I’m going to end with this passage of scripture.

But now, this is what the Lord says— he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior; I give Egypt for your ransom, Cush and Seba in your stead. Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give people in exchange for you, nations in exchange for your life. Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north, ‘Give them up!’ and to the south, ‘Do not hold them back.’ Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth— everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”

-Isaiah 43:1-7 NIV

This also brings me to a song so I will finish with that here today.

TobyMac - The Elements

Until next time,

Keep gliding 🪁

Abiding 🙇🏼‍♀️

& Smiling 😁

#MadeToBloom #MyMendedHeart #Inthesendingcomesthemending

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