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Kingdom Servers: The Cat's Meow & VPC Gourmet Market

Welcome to part 2 of Kingdom Servers.

I hope you are enjoying the opportunity to give back to some of your favorite local places. This week, I am featuring The Cat’s Meow and VPC Gourmet Market.

My history with The Cat’s Meow goes back further, for it has been around longer. I am so thankful for this store, its customer service, and its variety of items. Faith is a common conversation and so many amazing memories have been shared. It’s my go to store for gifts for any occasion. When I need something special, The Cat’s Meow always seems to have that perfect gift I need. I am thankful for the owner’s eye for style and knowing what her customers are looking for to stay current and fresh with new trends. Through the pandemic, they ramped up their online social presence in marketing and it has paid off. Their sales increased. 2020 was record breaking for a lot of people. I thank The Cat’s Meow for evolving in an economic climate that has been volatile. Their sales team is top notch and I am thankful to know them by name.

This week, look for the Kingdom Servers’ sign and box to give a little something extra to The Cat’s Meow so they can give it away to one or more of their amazing customers as a way of saying thank you.

Next up is VPC Gourmet Market.

Located on the other end of my office block, it is so convenient to have this luxury of excellent food around the corner. Hardee’s use to be our place of frequency, but not since this place opened. With their salads, wraps, and quick snacks, they have been a good thing, need I say a great thing. I haven’t even mentioned the amazing aesthetic of the shop. They have created an environment that is not only beautiful to look at but they beautifully place food on your plate as well. The details let me know they thought deeply about this and are doing their part to make Downtown Franklin great again.

You see, I worked downtown when the flood happened over twenty years ago. I saw the damage, and it has been a long hard road, but growth is our future. The capacity for growth in small businesses is increasing in the downtown area and they run some pretty amazing companies. I am proud of these shops that make me stop and pop in. I usually never walk out empty handed. I walk away full in my belly and hand.

So, thank you Cat’s Meow and VPC Gourmet Market for keeping me feeling full in a time when I could have felt very empty.

If you can identify with this feeling of fullness, let them know!! The service industry is hard, for the customer is always right. So, when the customer comes back and tells the owners thank you for what you do, it goes a long way. Lifting a heart that is doing their part to bring variety to our downtown commerce is not only a good idea, it’s a great thing.

Until next time,

Stay Tender.

Connect to the Mender.

Be a Sender.

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